High Calibre Consultancy begins our engagement with you by actively listening to your story. We are able to tailor our consultancy framework to your unique business.

The key question asked by HCC is "what is your labour/turnover ratio, or as some call it, the wages/gross sales percentage?" Some business analysts call this the secret formula for determining the profitability of a business. This figure is also used to set targets against industry standard benchmarks and determine ongoing measureable financial returns for you as a result of HCC’s consultancy. Targets can be hit early, sometimes immediately and then you maintain standards. If you do not have a target and a means for hitting that target then continuous improvement is only continuous change for change sake alone. You can hit your target in one strategic move, even if over a period of time. When you hit and maintain your target you now are in a position to ‘lift the bar’ and set new targets if you so choose. HCC’s commitment to you is to  build full capability into your organisation to the point where you can ‘fly solo’ without us.


Integrated Management System (IMS)

Exceeding ISO 9001:2015 quality standards actually becomes a by-product of your everyday quality work practices under HCC’s consultancy and you will no longer have to  spend time and money preparing for your certification audit. In fact, all industries will have the minimum capability to exceed  ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard;  to exceed AS/NZS 4801:2001/ISO45001 safety management standard;  to exceed the WHS Act 2011* compliance or to exceed the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004* Victoria compliance (whichever is applicable). The same capability to exceed all of the family of ISO standards and legislated* compliances applicable to your industry will be built into your IMS. It becomes your choice then whether or not you want to pursue ISO certification.

Note* - the above applies to Australia. For international enquiries, HCC will be able to apply our consultancy to your nation’s laws and regulations.


High Calibre Consultancy is a MYSKILLSmanager (MSM) accredited partner. Our consultancy is built around the MSM customised workplace performance skills framework which is built upon that foundation of skills, confidence, freedom and quality. HCC will take your existing processes and place them into the MSM cloud framework. This first step will provide the opportunity for you to assess which processes are currently useful and which are now obsolete. HCC will guide you in consciously thinking about which are useful for the delivery of your quality products and services to your customers. Now in the MSM framework, your processes will be enhanced and transferrable to your people (the quality management system) via cloud technology across all digital devices.


Everyone in your organisation from bottom to top needs the full set of skills applicable for their role to achieve quality work. HCC will provide a framework for you and your organisation to know, understand, recognise and value the  skills required for your unique workplace. You will also be able  to recognize and value the skills your workforce has and develop knowledge, understanding and practice of the identified skills gaps. A functional workplace (as opposed to a dysfunctional workplace) is essential for the deployment of those skills and this functional workplace develops naturally throughout the process. The MSM cloud framework provides the essential toolkit for this.


Everyone can relate to their own experience of lack of confidence when you know your skills levels are low, to developing confidence when ‘you know what you are doing’. Confidence is the next natural step of skill development and an essential ingredient in a performing workplace.


The MSM performance management system provides the framework to give all workers the freedom to realise their potential in a self-managed performance environment. This freedom is actually the key to unlocking the enormous potential available in your workforce.


The old saying, ‘winners are grinners’ takes on a whole new meaning to your performing workforce and worker engagement becomes a passion that takes on a life of its own. Quality products and services flow out of who you are and what you do. Your customers cannot help but want to buy into your philosophy as this is what sets you apart from your competition and is what customers really want to buy.