Winning Tenders & Pre-qualifying

You can not only meet tender requirements but actually deliver the goods establishing your preferred status. Your Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data established in your digital framework empowers you to constantly deliver the goods.

Tendering for work can be a lottery when there is no point of difference between your evidence and that of your competitors. Just meeting minimum requirements is a risk you cannot afford to take.

People compete - businesses don't

Showcasing your company's Workforce Performance Skills DNA Data introduces a new standard when preparing and comparing tender applications. Our Workplace Learning and Performance Framework has tools that measure the performance for every worker. This communicates what people can do as opposed to what they know.

Lifting the bar on quality

Providing evidence of measured performance skill level demonstrates workforce capability to produce quality products and services. A company can sustain claims to be a company of choice when Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data is coupled with the knowledge that the workforce is supported by a comprehensive digital framework. Our Workplace Performance Skills & Quality Framework empowers your company to lift the bar on performance. You are then enabled to generate quality evidence.

WHS compliance

Having a WHS management system is a standard requirement for tenders and pre-qualifying. Your established Workplace Performance Skills DNA Data in your digital framework provides complete WHS compliance and is a comprehensive WHS management system.

You can be tender and pre-qualified ready

Contact High Calibre Consultancy today for our no obligation free service establishing the Workplace Performance DNA Data for your workforce. Let us show you how you can be tender and pre-qualified ready.

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